Arborist Services

We can provide all aspects of tree maintenance to both commercial and residential properties in Christchurch city and also in the surrounding Canterbury region.

Pruning and Tree Care

Tree reductions

Whether you need a tree reduction done for light to give you that extra bit of sunlight over winter, or maybe to restore that view that you use to have.

Perhaps your trees are now blocking your buildings advertising?

Using our qualified arborist we will use sound arboricultural pruning techniques, to reduce your trees, giving them a nice new form, without compromising the trees structural integrity.

General Garden Makeover

Sometimes your garden just gets away on you. Your garden loses its depth, with the front plants obscuring the ones you use to see at the back. You get to much shading making your garden cold and uninviting and your lawn becomes overrun with moss.

Don’t worry our experienced arborist can restore your garden back to its former glory and give it that sparkle that it once had, we can do this by crown raising to provide move visibility, crown thinning to give you more light, pruning any shapeless trees to give it form and advising on what trees perhaps need removing to make your garden flow better.

Storm damaged trees

Every year Canterbury is subjected to strong nor- west winds, especially during spring and early summer months when many deciduous trees first leaf up. This is often, but not always, the time when most of the damage occurs around Canterbury.

Trees damaged, often fall into precarious positions, which can put the fallen timber under unpredictable tension. This makes tiding them up very dangerous, and should only be carried out by an experienced and qualified arborist who understands the biomechanics of compression-tension wood.

Tree stump removals

Ask us for a competitive quote to remove your unwanted stumps to below ground level.



As part of our mission statement we offer all aspects of arboriculture this includes landscaping. The advantage of using an arborist to do your landscaping is that we take into account the lifetime of the tree specimens rather than it just looking great as we drive out the gate.

Tree assessments and Tree reports

There are many reasons why you may require consultation with an arborist about your trees. Concerns over the health and safety of a tree, is just one example, Royle Arborist offer a free visit to assess any concerns you may have regarding your trees. Sometimes a report is required to work on a protected tree, or to provide an assessment of the health and safety or value on trees on a property, owned by a club or company, where decisions are made by management or committee, and therefore require a report on work that does or doesn’t need to be done.

John also has special knowledge of tree requirements for golf courses, and can undertake tree evaluations (using the widely accepted method in NZ - the STEM method), and can also advise on sprays and soil conditions.

Pruning and thinning

Whether you’re after some filtered light across your lawn, or perhaps you have excess shading over your house.

Maybe you just want to improve the health or safety of the tree. Good arboricultural practices used by a qualified arborist will remove the dead, weak, dangerous branches; reduce end weighting of some of the longer limbs which may sag to a lower level, where they can become a nuisance.

Pruning will also improve vigour of the tree; highlight the stems structure and form. Most importantly it will improve the trees safety.

Fruit trees

If you have your own fruit trees, but don’t know how to prune them, don’t worry we can sort this problem out for you. In order to get the best out of a fruit tree, it needs to be pruned correctly, so as to provide good light and airflow around the fruit. Good airflow is important in keeping the tree pest and disease free.

When pruning an apple and pear your tree your aim is to produce an open vase shape, with plum, peach and apricot you need to have a fan shape to the stem. Most fruit trees are best pruned in winter. Lemon trees can be pruned any time of year with the main objective of pruning a lemon tree is to improve airflow to reduce sooty mould.  By managing the size and form of your fruit trees it will make harvesting easier and lead to better fruit yield.

Spraying fruit trees over winter you spray ‘Conquer oil’ to control insect pests and ‘liquid copper fungicide’ to control fungal spores, powdery mildew and rust. Then in spring time change your spray to ‘bravo fungus fighter.’

Tree removals and tree felling

If your trees are large, dangerous or in a difficult to access location, you’ll need an experienced arborist to dismantle the tree safely.  Royle Arborist has all the rigging and climbing gear to tackle the big jobs as well as the small ones, and when needed also has the expertise in dismantling trees with the aid of a crane.

When it comes to felling trees John’s experience in logging and thinning in production forestry makes him the right man for the job.

Tree planting   

When you plant a tree, it is often there for a very long time, sometimes it’s around much longer than the planter, so it’s important to plant the right tree, for the right location. Simply speaking the general rule of thumb is plant a small tree for a small area; plant a large tree for a larger area. Also needing to be taken into account is such things as aspect, ideally you want more deciduous trees planted on your north facing aspect to your property, so you get more winter sun, when the suns at a more acute angle.

Something else which should be taken into account is the proximity of the trees to overhead power lines or buildings. Sounds simple enough, but planters often get it wrong, that’s why arborists are never out of a job! Poor specimen selection in the wrong location can be a costly expense. By choosing an arborist to plant your trees, gives not only your trees best chance for survival but also that you’ll get the right tree for the right location.


Whether your hedge has got too big for you to tackle yourself or if it’s got away on you, perhaps you just want it tidied up, don’t worry Royle Arborist can trim your hedge to a high standard.

Providing the care and maintenance of trees
from seeding to maturity

  • Tree Pruning
  • Tree Removal
  • Landscaping
  • Tree Planting
  • Tree assessments & reports

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